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Hailing from the province of New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada, Russell Sawler has been playing and teaching 5-string banjo for over 25 years. A long time disciple of the playing style of J.D. Crowe, he has spent countless hours studying and transcribing J.D.'s solos and backup.  He is often referred to as the "Crowe guy".
"Every banjo player can learn something from Russell Sawler's "J.D. Crowe Classic Solos"  tab book, and I highly recommend this valuable work for players of all styles and levels of experience." 
Greg Cahill, Banjo Newsletter June 2005.

Russell Sawler is one of the best banjo players I've ever played with and really knows his stuff. If you have not heard of him it is likely because he is from New Brunswick, Canada, but you can be sure that any one interested in banjo in those areas know all about what kind of picker Russell Sawler is.
In particular, Russell is a JD Crowe fan and has studied the style and can play it very well. As a tab transcriptionist he is unmatched. He has tabbed out 13 or my videos and my Let's Kick it CD with accuracy that leaves me feeling like, he figured me out better then I can. He also has written tab books for banjo greats, Ron Stewart ,Greg Cahill & Jason Davis.
Russell knows his way around the tabledit tab program the best I have ever seen and I have used the program to write my over 20 Banjo books and DVDs on learning to play banjo.
Ross Nickerson (
Tabs for The Boxcars debut CD. Each song in it's entirety, breaks and backup.
"Russell Sawler transcribed the tabs himself, who is an amazing banjo picker and also has done a bunch of tabs on JD Crowe, and he is as good as it gets."   
Ron Stewart (The Boxcars)