A Few Words About The Tunes
Blackjack- Recorded source: J.D. Crowe "Blackjack" Rebel 1583. One of J.D.'s earliest compositions that soon became a most requested number from his fans. This one is kind of like J.D.'s Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
Five Miles Miles To Winchester- Recorded source: Doyle Lawson "Tennessee Dream" Rebel-1778. Written by Doyle Lawson. A great tune in the key of C. J.D. plays it uncapoed in open C, he is a master in this position.
Salt Creek- Recorded source:Tony Rice Guitar Rebel-1582. Bill Monroe tune that has become a jam session standard. J.D. takes 2 awesome breaks on this cut, loaded with some wonderfully syncopated licks. The second break still knocks me off my chair.
Train 45- Recorded source: Bluegrass-The World's Greatest Show Sugar Hill - 2201. Ruby Rakes composer. J.D. has probably played this tune many thousand times over the years however he always manages to change it up & keep it interesting mostly by improvising with the rhythm. I think J.D. would have made a great drummer. 
Stoney Creek- Recorded source: Tony Rice "Tony Rice" Rounder-0085. A tune from the fertile mind of the great Jesse McReynolds. To this day this is one of my favorite J.D. solos, a model in tasteful banjo playing.
John Hardy- Recorded source: Tony Rice "Guitar" REB-1582. Traditional song made popular by the Carter Family, most likely where Earl Scruggs first heard it. Although J.D. studied Scruggs very carefully, these breaks are all Crowe…. layin' it down solid.
Sally Goodin- Recorded source: Live Show 1976 Here is how J.D. handles the lower neck solo on this hard driving old traditional tune.
Fireball- Recorded source:Live Show 1995 This wonderful Josh Graves instrumental won J.D. a Grammy award in 1983. 
Shuckin' The Corn- Recorded source:Live In Japan 1979 ROU-0159 Composers Buck Graves, Gladys Stacey, Louise Certain. J.D. is often described as the heir apparent to Earl Scruggs. His picking on this tune alone makes that a legitimate claim.
Georgia Cracker- Recorded source:Doyle Lawson Tennessee Dream REB-1778. Another Doyle Lawson tune from this great album recorded in 1976. J.D. gives us a lesson on how to interpret a mandolin tune in Scrugg's Style while nailing the melody to the wall.
Runaround- Recorded source:J.D. Crowe Straight Ahead ROU-0202. Doyle Lawson wrote this tune also. Many people don't know that Doyle is also a banjo player, ironically he started his career playing banjo for Jimmy Martin, trying to imitate J.D.  This is a great tune and especially in the hands of J.D. Crowe.
Bugle Call Rag- Recorded source: Holiday in Japan LP: Towa TWA-106-S Composers Jack Pettis, Elmer Schoebel, Billy Meyers. This tune came from the big band era, one of several that the master, Earl Scruggs converted into a banjo instrumental. This one has been in J.D.'s repertoire since his Jimmy Martin days.         
Stoney Mountain Twist- Recorded source: J.D. Crowe Straight Ahead ROU-0202. Composed by Walter Hensley, a great banjo player himself, this tune makes use of the D-tuners to good effect.
Farewell Blues- Recorded source:Tony Rice Tony Rice ROU-0085. Composers Paul Mares, Leon Roppolo, Elmer Schoebel. Another tune from the big band era that Earl Scruggs converted into a banjo instrumental using the less common C tuning. J.D. quotes his mentor often on this tune but manages as always to make it distinctly his own. The up the neck work is particularly noteworthy.
Beaumont Rag- Recorded source Live Show 1975. Traditional tune that came in the New South via Tony Rice. The tune is meant as a guitar showpiece, however J.D.'s break is nothing less than astounding, once again showing his complete mastery of playing in the C position.