J.D. Crowe Live Show Solos
Volume 2
This second tablature book of J.D.ís live show playing goes just a step further than the first Live Show Solos book. A lot of the solos will be a bit more challenging than the first book. There are more examples of J.D.ís playing in open F, D & C. There is also the addition of left hand fingering to help with some of the trickier moves. Lastly there is the addition of midi sound files so you can hear the solos exactly as they are tabbed.
Banks Of The Ohio (2 Breaks) (Open F)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (2 Breaks)
Daybreak In Dixie (2 Breaks)
Fare Thee Well (4 Breaks) (2 Breaks In open C & 2 breaks in G)
Footprints In The Snow (D Position)
Fox On The Run
Hello City Limits (2 Breaks)
I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome  (2 Breaks)  (Upper Neck)     
I Want To Be Loved But Only By You
I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (2 Breaks) (1 Break in G & 1 Break in D)
I'll Take The Blame
I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky
Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
Knockiní On Your Door
Little Cabin Home On The Hill (2 Breaks)
Little Maggie (2 Breaks)
Millerís Cave (2 Breaks)
My Cabin In Caroline
Red Haired Boy
Red Rocking Chair (3 Breaks)
Ride The Train
Road To Columbus
Rock Salt & Nails (D Position Triplet Style)
Rocky Top
Sourwood Mountain
Summer Wages ( Open C )
Sweet Sunny South
The Hurtiní When You Go
The Longer You Wait
The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight (2 Breaks)
The Wabash Cannonball
Today Has Been A Lonesome Day
Whitehouse Blues 
Whoís Shoulder Will You Cry On
Wildwood Flower ( Open C ) ( lots of single string work)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (2 Breaks)
You Didnít Say Goodbye